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Spreading Light, Love, &
Pixie Dust™

Neva’s third business was born during a  pivotal moment in October 2014 at the CEO Space International Forum. Neva  observed both of her parents being honored as veterans. After the emotional ceremony, Neva stated she wanted to do something to help veterans and wounded warriors.

And thus her third business Light, Love and Pixie Dust™ was born. Neva’s mission with this business is to bring joy to veterans and wounded warriors through her drawings.

As her business quickly grew, she realized she would not be able to draw all of the pictures she needed to share. At first she came up with the idea of buy one – give one. She quickly outgrew this model as well.

Today, Neva works with businesses who sponsor her pictures so she can continue to spread Light, Love and Pixie Dust™ to veterans and wounded warriors around the nation.

On Veterans Day 2016, Neva and her family passed out over 1000 pictures in Phoenix , Arizona alone. Neva continues to pass out her sponsored pictures everywhere she travels with her family and continues to learn the value of helping others feel good along the way.

Sponsors Who Help Spread Light, Love, & Pixie Dust

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Neva’s Poem
(printed on each picture)

Hello, my name is Neva
I hope this makes your day
I draw pictures to make people feel happy
Because it makes me feel good to draw them
I like to Spread Light, Love, and Pixie Dust
All around the world
My purpose is to help people remember
That they are special in every way
If I share Light, Love, and Pixie Dust with you
Maybe you can help me spread it too
And everyone can be happy
Especially you
I hope you enjoy this picture
Love, Neva

Example Picture

Camocorn Love 2017